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Women have struggled relentlessly for respect in the workplace. Yet even after having invaded all professions, advancing further can be hard. The reason for that and what we can do about it comes surprisingly from a speech given by Virginia Woolf herself in 1931 at the National Society for Women’s…

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Did I get a shady medical degree from an online school that doesn’t even exist? Or am I a fraud like Frank Abagnale from “Catch Me If You Can”?
No and no, but don’t worry, I am not offended — it does sound too good to be true.

By now…

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“Oh, don’t worry, you’re ready.”, my colleague smiled at me with her pearly white teeth, while she signed her name in the patient’s chart. “It’s not that bad. You can always call the senior physician.” Yes, I told myself, I could. “Now come, I will show you where you can…

What is gentrification?

You might be familiar with the term gentrification, if not - here is a quick explanation:

Def.: Gentrification — the process by which a poor neighborhood in a city is changed by people who have money, including esp. the improvement or replacement of buildings

Why is it happening?

Having established what gentrification is, we…

What I feel like, when they ask me: “Career or family?” — image owned by author

Coming from a stable and prosperous European country, the bars keeping me from becoming an ambitious career woman were much more subtle than a simple ban from education or a certain profession. Instead, I was taught I could do anything — but I shouldn’t want to. I went into medicine…

Marie Dicott

Junior Doctor & Feminist, Coffee Addict and Writer

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